The Company's Management tends to give top priority to the application of the safety management system of all works and activities undertaken by the Company and its subsidiaries. Thus, the Company undertakes to:
  • Provide means of protection and safety precautions necessary for emergencies and appropriate instruction and train workers to ensure their safety.
  • Optimally use of resources and equipment with the latest modern technological methods to keep pace with the progress in work fields, leading to continuous improvement of the working methods.
  • Train employees to develop their personal skills in business performance and spread full awareness of occupational health and safety requirements.
  • Identify risks and harmful effects, develop of plans and procedures to prevent such effects and make necessary analysis for any accident of any size to reduce the effects and prevent its recurrence in the future.
  • Continuously improve the performance of occupational health, safety and environment management systems through measurement and revisions.
  • Develop occupational health, safety and environment objectives, provide a suitable working environment and review achievement of these goals periodically and serve as the basis for the developing of new targets.
  • This policy declared and understandable for employees and available to the public.
A- Develop a record of risks in each management or department and the risks data will be updated of the following cases:
  • Making new activities or new services.
  • Any change on activities or services.
  • Any change on legal aspects or any other requirements.
B- Risk assessment in accordance with the procedure.
  C – Average risks require documented control procedures, while requiring top class risks programs and objectives control of prevent worsening the risks, as for the sever risks, we should stop the activity in such case until reducing Severity .
  D- The results of risk are considered important information to assess as it identify the quality of training required and necessary responsibilities, quality control and measurement. Also, corrective procedures must be reviewed through the risk assessment process before starting the implementation.
The Company will:
  • Determine the legal requirements and the international requirements related to occupational health, safety and environment that are applied to occupational safety and health system of the company.
  • Document such requirements and update and go along with the legal requirements.
  • The Company will develop strategic goals of the company, taking into account the legal requirements.
  • Departments Managers are responsible for the submission of proposed goals for the occupational health, safety and environment based on the results of assessment of influencing risks, technological and financial tests and requirements of concerned parties.
  • Each Manager is responsible to deliver all proposals connected to occupational health, safety and environment goals for employees of different departments at many levels.
Occupational health, safety and environment management programs:
  • Each manager is responsible for establishment of a program to achieve the goals of his department.All programs are reviewed and approved by the General Manager or the Company Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Determine the person in charge of goals achievement.
  • Determine the time and means required to complete goals achievement.
  • Adjust Occupational Health, safety and Environment management programs when making professional development on menu of (activities / products / services).