• As part of maximizing its investments, Egyptian Fajr Natural Gas Co. has acquired an administrative building with a total area of 5250 m2.
  • This project is a new leap to the expansions of the Egyptian Petroleum Sector and diversifying the benefits of its investments and its serious and positive objectives.
  • The location of the new Administrative Building of Egyptian Fajr Natural Gas Co. in the Services Area, 1st Settlement, New Cairo, adjacent to a main street off Mostafa Kamel Axis connecting the Suez Road and the 90th Street, and the areas of 1st, 3rd and 5th Settlements and Rehab City. It is about 1500 meters away from Suez Road, and it is 1800 meters away from the Ring Road. It features a 120 meter façade (two-thirds of the street).
  • This Building is built on three plots of land with a total area of 4088 m2 with 120 meter facade occupies two thirds of the main road and a garage with an area of 1500 m2. It consists of a ground floor with an area of 1250 m2 and three identical floors each with an area of 1,300 m2.
  • The new building will serve as a permanent headquarters of the Company. It will include the headquarters of Egyptian Fajr Natural Gas Co. and the representative office of Jordanian Fajr for Natural Gas Transmission & Supply, and the vacant spaces will be rented out to Oil Sector Companies. Egyptian Fajr Natural Gas Co. is committed to providing a new model of high-quality buildings in terms of form and content, which is appropriate for the status of companies and their headquarters in order to send positive messages to foreign companies and their delegations concerned about the companies about the possibilities and vision of development.
  • Egyptian Fajr Natural Gas Co. takes into account that this new building is to be completed in accordance with the highest quality standards and specifications, as well as providing the best model for the performance of complementary services, including security, maintenance and all other logistics related to the activity of companies expected to occupy spaces at the building. This is reflected in the new design, which serves the performance of various activities, including petroleum and gas. Taking into account saving energy consumption, Fajr is studying, at the same time, the use of solar energy system as an alternative and renewable energy for the new Administrative Building as a model for energy-saving and environmental conservation.

Building facades

  • Main windows: Aluminum profiles, external blue glass (double), internal transparent glass (sécurité) with structure glazing system.
  • Facades: cladding - colors
  • Covering air-conditioning areas: Louver stacbond profiles, separate air-conditioners
  • Other spaces: High-quality finishes and paints

Side and back facades

  • Windows: Aluminum windows with the same color as the main facade glass
  • Walls: High-quality finishes and paints

Administrative Complex Project of Egyptian Fajr Natural Gas Co.

Building facilities (Tie-in system) - connections up to the beginning of leasable areas

  • Water networks, sanitation, electricity, telephones, public address, fire alarm system and water fire network.
  • Finishing the entrances to the leasable areas (stairs, floors and walls) up to the ceiling level.
  • Multiple electric elevators.
  • Reinforcing false ceilings with lighting and ventilation units according to the design.

Application of the concept of "Corporate Social Responsibility"

  • In order to maximize the benefit of this investment and its contribution to the performance of its social responsibility serving the surrounding environment, Egyptian Fajr Natural Gas Co. is in the process of studying the cultivation and greening a plot of land dedicated to a garden in coordination with the 1st Settlement Development Authority. This garden is located in front of the Building to serve the residents, preserve the environment in the surrounding location and to keep pace with the opening of the Building for operation

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